Account Management Solutions


  • You need a centralized, efficient, and secure way to monitor your accounts or perhaps those of a client.
  • You issue many checks and may make deposits at multiple locations.


  • Increases account management efficiency by centralizing banking transactions.
  • Automates and streamlines the time-consuming tasks of reconciling bank accounts, reducing internal administrative time and processing costs.
  • Reduces your exposure to fraud.
  • Manages your client's account in an efficient and thorough manner.
  • Improves audit controls.

SOLUTION: Checking, Money Market and Savings Accounts

  • View today's account activity real time
  • Online statements (7 year history)
  • Online bill payments
  • Online check images (90 day history)
  • Online transfers between Citi accounts
  • Online foreign and domestic wires

SOLUTION: CitiEscrow Account

  • Manage the accounts of a client or beneficiary that must be segregated. Used specifically for attorneys, real estate managers, CPAs, and title companies.
  • Make deposits, write checks or transfer funds from either client or control accounts.
  • Provide separate monthly client statements with account details to comply with complex fiduciary and regulatory requirements.

SOLUTION: Account Reconciliation

  • Full Reconciliation eliminates manual in-house check reconciliation. You provide a list of issued checks and we give you a detailed end-of-month report that covers items paid and unpaid, miscellaneous credits and debits, stop payments, a diagnostic summary, and more.
  • Positive Pay helps reduce check fraud by identifying discrepancies between checks presented for payment and checks issued. Suspect items presented for payment, but which you haven't previously authorized, are posted on CitiBusiness Online each morning for your disposition.
  • Range Reconciliation lists unpaid checks in numerical order within a check-number range that you select for a given statement period.
  • Deposit Reconciliation identifies deposits based on the location of the branch or ATM where deposits were made.

SOLUTION: Multiple Location Access

  • If you have geographically dispersed offices, you can centrally manage your resources.
  • Businesses in any geographic area can access all CitiBusiness products and services regardless of whether there's a local branch presence.