Funds Management


  • You want to maximize the return on your bank balances, but need to ensure that your account is adequately funded for your outstanding payables.


  • Enhances control of decentralized operations.
  • Helps forecast funds availability.
  • Allows investment of excess balances in a wide range of short-term investment products.
  • Accelerates the daily cash forecasting function.
  • Enables account reconcilement and helps reduce the risk of fraud.

SOLUTION: Controlled Disbursement Account

  • We notify you daily of checks that will clear that day. Because you need only fund this predetermined amount, remaining balances are available for other uses.

SOLUTION: Cash Concentration

  • Consolidates funds from multiple accounts into a single account, improving control of idle balances and enhancing cash forecasting.

SOLUTION: Online Investor

Invest excess liquidity in a range of short-term investment products, without fees or service charges. Investment options include:

  • Commercial Paper: An unsecured short-term investment.
    Term: Overnight - 270 days
    $100,000 minimum investment
    Offer Citicorp, General Electric Capital Corporation, American Express Credit Corp., Prudential Funding Corporation
  • Government Repurchase Agreements: Fully secured. Backed by US Government Securities.
    Term: Overnight - 1 Year
    $100,000 minimum investment
  • Nassau Time Deposits: Unsecured obligations of Citibank N.A., bearing the sovereign risk of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
    Term: Overnight - 1 year
    $100,000 minimum investment